Chimney repair and replacement

Nothing exemplifies the cozy feeling of home quite like a fireplace. Whether you’re burning wood or natural gas, a fireplace provides you and your family with warmth, light and security — that is, until it stops functioning properly. Like anything in your home, a chimney can develop problems or become damaged through regular use. However, a damaged chimney is often more than a simple inconvenience. In fact, a chimney in need of repair can be dangerous and may even lead to uncontained fires or hazardous gasses infiltrating your home.

If you suspect there’s something wrong with your chimney, you should investigate the problem immediately. The quicker you repair a damaged chimney, the better; chimney problems can worsen dramatically in just a short period of time, increasing the potential for danger and upping repair costs.

But maybe you find that all the upkeep of having a chimney isn’t worth it. Chimneys can be removed partially or in full.